BentoSpace enables a sustainable urban living in compact high-tech units which are easy to relocate between different sites. BentoSpace units are developed to temporary (3-9 years) activate unused land plots for living. 80% - 90% of the investment stays reusable and movable between different locations.

The units are based on a sustainable, energy efficient concept and equipped with smart building technologies. The module walls and ceilings are insulated and equipped with an external envelop to reduce the sun heat gain.

urban living

using temporary unused spots in the urban fabric


energy efficiency, renewable materials, small footprint

swiss design

Swiss designed & engineered, locally produced

smart home

usage of smart building technologies


less construction costs, faster construction, moveable


The BentoSpace units are based on 40’ shipping containers and can be combined horizontally and vertically to larger units. One or two bedrooms, one or two floors with optional two-story high living spaces and rooftop terrace are possible options.

Swiss designed & engineered, locally produced


Design & Construction

Designed and engineered by Swiss Architects, BentoSpace units are the result of a contemporary minimal design approach, combined with efficient but homely layouts. Construction details are carefully designed to maximize the lifespan of the units. Sustainable eco design and the use of state of the art technology are both integral part of the BentoSpace design process.

The manufacturing process of the units is indoor in a factory accompanied by a close quality surveillance to keep the construction quality on a high level. This pre fabrication process enables the shortest construction time possible and unexpected delays can be avoided.

Manufactured on demand only enables maximal adaptability of the standard module types to personal preferences and site requirements.

Site & Land Use

Its modular structure allows BentoSpace to utilize small leftover plots, medium or large sized sites. BentoSpace modules can even get integrated within existing structures.

The modules can be transported on the street without any special permission. The foundations will be built locally on each individual site, the facade and roof is modular and assembled on site.


BentoSpace is committed to sustainable and eco friendly design without loosing any convenience of the modern lifestyle. We are using ecotool to assess and design the BentoSpace units. ecotool is an adoptable system to improve the project sustainability in the context of South East Asia.


Buying & Investing